As I mentioned in my diet entry, my coworkers and I love food.  So, so much.  But one day, we started venting about foods we didn’t like, and thus we named that day Angry Food Day.

Angry Foods are basically things that make you upset to eat.  Take these, for example:

*Salad.  For me, salads are the bane of a healthy existence.  They take a long time to eat, do not fill me up, and worst of all, make me feel like a grazing farm animal.
*Sandwiches and burgers that fall apart when you’re eating them.
*Biting into a burger or sandwich and pulling out the entire slice of tomato, pickle, etc. and having none left for the rest of said burger or sandwich.
*Greasy pizza bottoms.
*Cottage cheese.  I cannot think of anything that looks or tastes more disgusting.  Who likes eating lumpy bleach?
*Partially-melted ice cream sandwiches.  Ice cream squishing out from everywhere makes me upset, and then I feel inclined to eat it faster, thus giving me a brain and tooth freeze.
*Drinks with too much ice.
*Sandwiches or burgers that are too big for your mouth to reasonably consume.

Why couldn’t we have felt angry towards food during our diet week?